Mi México Bonito

June 30, 2022 / 0 Comments

The mixture of various customs and traditions make Mexico a unique country. Flavours, textures, colours, sounds and smells make this country a place impossible to get to know. Cool Tour is our proposal to bring you closer to the culture of each of our destinations, this year, to the Mexican culture.

Cool Tour, My Beautiful Mexico in Riviera Maya will be an unprecedented party, you will get to know another side of Mexico and you will end up loving this incredible destination even more. The party will take place from the 7th to the 23rd of October, so don’t leave it to the last minute and reserve your place, we have incredible activities for you to get to know a part of Mexican culture while you enjoy your home away from home.



A country as diverse as its people has plenty to offer. The Riviera Maya is just a small part of this incredible destination. Many times we only arrive at the resort without knowing the culture of the place, we let ourselves be amazed by the natural wealth that is offered to us and at the end of our stay we want to know even more, Mexico is history.

How much do you know about the country? We have to start to be surprised by everything we see, everything that surrounds us is part of the Mexican customs. From the hospitality with which the staff welcomes us to the flavours they taste with our famous dishes. You will be filled with an explosion of emotions during the entire Cool Tour in the Riviera Maya.



Mexico is known for its paradisiacal beaches, its amazing cenotes, its impressive pyramids but, above all, for its wide culinary offer full of colours, flavours and smells. Esquites, marquesitas, tacos, tortas, chilaquiles, tamales, enchiladas, pozole, mole, each one of them will leave a unique flavour on your palate impossible to forget. What is your favourite dish?

To enjoy these exquisite flavours, evenings are the perfect time. The streets are filled with colourful lights, dancing music and people laughing and mingling while having a fun time with prepared drinks, street food and games of chance. Everyone enjoys the joyful energy of the Kermeses and you can experience it at this Members Party.


If that wasn’t enough, wrestling is a Mexican tradition, a spectacle not to be missed during your visit to the country. People of all ages gather to spend an enjoyable evening ready to shout: 1, 2, 3! and to find out the fate of the one of the players who will retire without his scalp or mask. The adrenaline rush that comes from watching them fight is an unbeatable experience because of the passion with which Mexicans live their sports.

At this party, our great Palladium Travel Club family will be able to enter into a local Mexico, in a country that only those who live there know.

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