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July 21, 2022 / 0 Comments

Our Palladium Travel Club family continues to grow with members from different parts of the world, but our goal is very clear: to make you feel like at home on your next holiday. From the moment you arrive at the hotel, we welcome you with a big smile and our best disposition to make sure you spend unforgettable days in your favourite destination.

Riviera Maya is an unknown place even for our repetitive guests. There are so many cenotes, restaurants, bars and activities hidden inside the city that it is difficult to get to know everything. Dare to explore another side of this destination with recommendations from locals, like Ernesto de la Fuente, our bartender at Members Beach Bar in Riviera Maya.


A treasure in Riviera Maya

With more than eight years of being part of the PTC family, Ernesto is one of the Travel Club’s most loved bartenders. His dedication have allowed him to continue doing what he loves most, getting to know people through their stories and making their day.

Tropical music plays in the background and the smell of the sea sorrounds us as he tells us how grateful he is for his work and how it has allowed him to learn to understand members and make friends with people from all over the world. Being part of Travel Club gives you the chance to meet unique people, hear about their adventures and be part of some of them.

Every day, Ernesto, Victor and Adela wake up early so that the Members’ area is ready for your arrival. They check that all the machines and operating equipment are working properly, that the music is enjoyable and that the snack area is always stocked. After that, they start their production to prepare your favourite cocktails.


Give me your best drink!

If you are passing through the Riviera Maya, let yourself be amazed by the exquisite cocktails that Ernesto prepares with unparalleled skill. Always innovating with different mixes to make the taste an unforgettable experience. The signature cocktail is his speciality and you can taste each of his creations at the Members Beach Lounge.

One of the most requested drinks by the members is the Golden Margarita, a classic that you must try! Prepared in a frosted glass with salt and the perfect combination of tequila, lime juice and Grand Marnier, Ernesto will always give you his best drink to make your day full of flavour!

Ernesto’s secret

The Riviera Maya has a great offer of entertainment, many tourist places to go to, but also many others that only the people who live there know about. One of the places Ernesto loves to visit on his days off are the cenotes. He doesn’t have a favourite because they all have a natural and unique beauty. Near the hotel you can find Cenote Azul, Cenote Dos Ojos, Jardin del Eden. Enjoy some of them and fall in love with the cool cenotes as much as Ernesto.


Mexican food is a delight for the palate, enjoy every bite in one ofthe most frequented places by our bartender. Tacos “El Ñero” is a place in the centre of Playa del Carmen, on Juarez Avenue, where you can taste the 100% Mexican flavour. Tacos de pastor with pineapple, suadero, longaniza, campechano with its own sauce and lime. Ask for a water of horchata or jamaica to eat like a true Mexican.


The last advice

For your next trip to the Caribbean you can’t forget to bring your camera. Ernesto knows that a paradise like the Riviera Maya should not remain only in your memory, capture your most special moments through a lens and relive them whenever you need a heart hug.

On your next holiday come to the Riviera Maya and follow the recommendations of our dear Bartender. There’s nothing better than having a local experience in a dream destination, don’t you think?

Stay tuned to the blog and our social networks to find out who will be the next person to recommend us their favourite places in one of our paradisiacal destinations. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting for you in the tropical waters of Riviera Maya to have a Golden Margarita with Ernesto!

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