Peter and Carolyn at Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa

2011 was an important year for Peter and Carolyn Gittinger, two of our most loyal members who became part of Palladium Travel Club in that date.

They met our Palladium Hotels in Punta Cana, the first time they travel to another country, once they enter to our presentation decided to say yes to the best option for living an unforgettable vacations.

The nice Gittinger couple from Pennsylvania was visiting our Riviera Maya resort where we had the opportunity to talk with them about their experiences as members. This is the interview we did them… enjoy it!

1.      Which is the best part of becoming a member of Palladium Travel Club?

I would have to say that the opportunity to travel more frequently, meet people, and have both the quantity and quality of experiences we otherwise could not have had. There is a simplicity of arranging a vacation as well as a familiarity with the resorts, the company as well as a consistency of quality of service.

2.      Describe Palladium Travel Club in 3 words and why you chose this words.

  • Service – We initially joined the Palladium Travel Club for the value, since we wanted to save money on our vacations.  However, what we really made us fall in love with the Club is the excellent level of service we are offered at every stage of the Travel Club process: reservations, pre-arrival concierge. Starting with Reservations, where Anita, Martina, and Cody are always providing us with outstanding reservation assistance, the pre-arrival concierge service we receive…especially in planning special anniversary and birthday celebrations.  While at the resort, we received excellent attention from concierge services, guest relations, and management…including the opportunity to have a la carte dinner reservations.  Additionally, the staff of the hotel does take notice of the travel club bracelet. We really feel at home and special when travelling to Palladium.
  • All-inclusive – Travel Club offers a lot of benefits over and above the Resorts all-inclusive, such as airport transfers, an included excursion, welcome gift, or Palladium money to buy gifts for family and friends.
  • Family– The saying, “From guest to family” really comes alive for us. When we arrive at a Palladium resort, we are immediately welcomed…not to a resort…but home. We experience not just an excellence of service, but a genuine warmth and love. This type of experience is something that money really can’t “buy”, but rather comes from the unique perspective of each Travel Club employee. Vacations have become a series of “family reunions”.

3.      Which of the benefits you love more?

The ability to make dinner reservations makes dinner time much easier. We seldom wait to be seated for a meal, and when we do wait it is never for more than a few minutes. Airport transfers are a very welcome and valuable benefit. But probably my favorite is pre-trip concierge services…which enabled me to surprise my wife with a special dinner on the beach with musicians arranged to arrive between the main course and dessert. The whole event went off seamlessly, and my wife was quite surprised…it never would have been pulled off had I waited until arriving at the resort to start planning.

Peter y Carolyn in the members beach lounge with Ernesto.

Peter y Carolyn in the members beach lounge with Ernesto.

 4.      We usually say that we are a Family, do you feel like home here with us?

Absolutely…we have family at every resort. I have literally been welcomed with open arms…huge hugs which have nearly knocked me over…and true warmth that touches the heart. And several times where tears filled our eyes when we had to say goodbye.

 5.      Which are the best resorts for you?

Punta Cana and Riviera Maya are probably our two favorites because of their sizes, having Royal Suites and a variety of accommodations. Riviera Nayarit was also very nice…intimate. It offered a very different flavor and experience. Jamaica offered beautiful architecture and beautiful views. We have thoroughly enjoyed each resort we have visited.

6.      What would you say to others about Palladium Travel Club?

For me, it is the only way that I wish to travel. I believe it offers a balance of both savings and enhanced vacationing experiences that just add value to every day on vacation.

Peter and Carolyn in the buggies tour at Punta Cana

Peter and Carolyn in the buggies tour at Punta Cana


  1. catalina says

    yo recién soy miembro y les puedo decir q fui inmensamente feliz cuando visite el palladium de punta cana ,, el ultimo día no deje de llorar ,, muchas gracias x haberme hecha la mujer mas feliz del mundo, me atendieron como una reina , me sentí como en casa , y disfrute al máximo,, muchas gracias ..


      Muchas gracias Katty por tus comentarios y es el objetivo de este Club, hacer feliz a nuestros socios y atenderlos como se merecen, esperamos que sus próximas vacaciones sean tan placenteras como estas que tuvo.

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