Top 5 tips for travelling with kids

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Your vacation needn’t be trouble in paradise – Here are top 5 tips for travelling with children.


When booking your flights, strategise with your seating plan. Aisle seats are ideal for children who are old enough to walk around sensibly or who might need to use the toilet often, but not so great for the squirmers (you don’t want any little flailing arms when the meals and drinks trolley comes around).

Window seats, on the other hand, provide hours of free entertainment (look at the lovely clouds!) and keep the roamers safely at bay.

In any case, bring plenty of reading material, activities such as travel-size games or colouring books, and maybe a favourite toy – but do think of your fellow passengers, and try to pick one that doesn’t make any noise.


Again, planning ahead will save you the disappointment of arriving at the resort and discovering you’ll be spending the whole time top-and-tailing.

Ask about one-bedroom, inter-connecting rooms and two-bedroom accommodation when making your selection. The extra space is sure to make a difference to your comfort levels.

The more options there are the more you can accommodate for the needs of different members of the family – a separate room might mean babies and toddlers can have their own space for daytime sleeps while the rest of the family moves about. Also make sure to request ground room floors and rooms away from noisy stairwells.


Adjusting to the culinary differences of new country takes time for everyone, but especially children. Consider taking a supply of your own food from home, in particular tins and jars as these can be very expensive in resorts.


Many resorts and hotels contain kids clubs, a luxury daycare option which gives parents some much-needed time out to explore.

The clubs enable children to make the most out of their holiday, offering an incredible range of activities, both entertaining and educational. From snorkelling to adventure tours, to culture and cooking classes, it’s likely Mum and Dad will end up wanting to join in on the fun too.


Give older kids their own cameras and encourage them to keep a travel diary to document the holiday. Long after the holiday is over, these will remain family treasures.

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