Coctel Night in Riviera Maya

October 20, 2022 / 0 Comments

Hello dear members!

We hope you are following all our activities and events closely of Cool Tour in Riviera Maya. For those who missed it, here are the highlights of our second party, at our Coctel Night where we were joined by Missael Arce, our favourite mixologist brought all the way from the Riviera Nayarit.

At 19:00, with a refreshing breeze we started our event at the seashore. Poseidon was witness to the impressive evening we prepared for our entire Palladium Travel Club family. With the waves in the background and the bright full moon, we welcomed each and every member as they arrived.

The atmosphere of the place filled you with joy with so many coloured lights, lounge type rooms, a bar of typical Mexican sweets such as cotton candy, cocadas, guava ate, cacahuates garapiñados, and many other treats. The incredible entertainment team prepared a Mexican dance for us with the traditional long coloured skirts and authentic charro hats.

A treat for the palate

As the saying goes, for everything bad… mezcal and for everything good… too! The beverage bars offered mezcal and tequila based cocktails with several of the best brands to make the taste an elixir on your palate. The welcome drink served in a pitcher had just the right amount of lemonade, white martini, red tuna and mezcal. A refreshing concoction just to start one of Cool Tour’s best parties.

Missael was the star of the night, with almost two years of having arrived at Grand Palladium Vallarta, he has already earned the respect and affection of many members. Always with a smile on his face and the best disposition to innovate and leave anyone who tries his cocktails speechless. He defines his drinks as strong, but with a taste for everything, always trying to balance the taste of alcohol with all the ingredients he uses.

He who hasn’t drunk mezcal, hasn’t lived

During his presentation, he surprised us with two signature drinks as authentic as he is. He described them as strong, complex and beautiful for a visual, olfactory and taste experience. Wearing a short-sleeved leaf-print shirt and the unforgettable Palladium Travel Club apron, he presented the first cocktail.

Mole Margarita

A huge challenge he set himself in order to transform an ingredient used to make a dish into a delicious drink. The taste of this drink was described as “an unforgettable flavour”, here are the recipes so that you can try it on your visit to the Riviera Nayarit.

Mole made with mole paste, pink pepper, coriander seed, black pepper and star anise.
Habanero syrup notes.
Of mezcal 400 rabbits.

Within mixology, the presentation of the drink is very important, so choosing the right glassware and decoration is fundamental for the first impression. Missa decided to frost the glass with some of the mole and axiote salt, the brown coloured drink with a thick texture was the sensation of the evening.

Toto anana

The second drink he prepared, inspired by the scientific name of the pineapple, anana, yellow and smoky in colour, was frosted with hibiscus salt. Surprised faces upon taking the first sip and new flavours on the palate of each of the members who tried it. The ingredients were:

Of mezcal 400 rabbits.
Pineapple juice.
Aniseed liqueur of honey bee.
Habanero syrup.

The party continued with an incredible repertoire of songs from all eras, our PTC family was so euphoric dancing and singing all night long, we loved seeing them with so much energy! It was an unforgettable night full of Mexican flavour with mezcal, dancing and great company.

We remind you that our next Cool Tour will be in the Riviera Nayarit from the 10th to the 25th of March, so don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy an authentic signature drink prepared by our beloved Mixologist, Missael, who is ready to surprise you with some exquisite cocktails! Here you can read how the welcome party was lived and remember to follow us on social networks so you don’t miss any updates on our events.

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