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October 18, 2022 / 0 Comments

Palladium Travel Club Family!

We are very happy to have you back in your home away from home and keep creating new memories with you, as you know we are celebrating the last Members Party of the year, CoolTour, in the beautiful Caribbean beaches of Riviera Maya. So far everything is going amazing in the daily activities as well as in the main events and cocktails, to soak you a little bit more about this party, we want to share with you what we experienced in our Welcome Party: “Viva la Vida”.

Our first main event took us back to 20th century in Mexico, full of colour, flavour, joy and lots of art. Glory years for Mexican culture with an amazing exponent of surrealist and culturalist art in which the star of the night was Frida Kahlo.

In Tikal we gave a warm welcome, with the incomparable Mexican charm. The typical decoration of every street or market with papel picado hanging from corner to corner, a particular smell of Mexican antojitos and the incomparable Mexican music to liven up the dinner. A Mexican cooking show exclusively for our Palladium Travel Club family.

A variety of delicious typical cuisine of the country with authentic seasoning to take you back to the centre of the country with every bite. Every detail was exceptional, starting with a station of tacos al pastor with a slice of pineapple, accompanied by an exquisite green sauce, onion and cilantro. A special bar of cantaritos and shots of tequila and mezcal combined with tuna essence.

Within the different stations you could taste dishes such as tacos dorados, sopes, quesadillas, tamales, grilled shrimp and octopus, lobster, guacamole and many more flavours. In addition, the traditional elotes and esquites were not to be missed! Prepared with lime, mayonnaise, cheese, and chili peppers. A culinary delicacy for any Mexican.

In the area of desserts and snacks, you could not miss the strawberry or chocolate atole to go with cocadas, rice pudding, sweet potato, fritters, tricolour jelly, and many other Mexican sweets. Everything was finger-licking good!


I have wings to fly

New colours, flavours, textures and sounds made way for the big event of the night on the terrace of La Laguna Azul. The amazing staff welcomed us with open arms and a photo spot of butterfly wings and huge charro hats. The full moon illuminated the entire evening as we drifted along to the melodious notes of the harpist.

Our entire PTC family witnessed the spectacular butterfly and ballet performance given by the animation team. Everything beautiful about the centre of the country was present at the party and, if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the venue was the iconic blue wall, an emblem of downtown Coyoacán in Mexico City, the home of Frida Kahlo.

To pay homage to her life, we had a unique show that represented the essence of her paintings and the surrealism of each of them. From La Columna Rota, Raíces, Frida Kahlo and La Catrina to one of her most famous works, Las Dos Fridas. A contemporary show full of feeling and reflection on the artist’s difficult life.

During the event we could not miss the Mexican mixology with incomparable drinks that Misael, our mixologist from Riviera Nayarit, prepared for us. One of the best surprises of the night!

A magical night that ended in true Mexican style with a band that had everyone dancing. From cumbia to bachata, everyone left their souls on the dance floor. Our Travel Club family wore amazing outfits full of bright colours, flower headbands and, what no one expected… wrestler costumes! A great welcome night thanks to all of you.

Follow our social networks for more details of each of our activities in this Cool Tour, My Beautiful Mexico in Riviera Maya. Here you can read the outfits suggestions for the next parties of the week, we already want to share with you our experiences in the next parties!

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