Mayan Adventure

Would you like visit a cavern, a cenote, and Ocean inlet with a lagoon in one day? 


Visiting all the wonders of the Riviera Maya in a few days is impossible. It requires time and a lot money, but we have an option that allows you to optimize your stay and visit these different parts of our paradise.

In Mayan Adventure you will experience three ecosystems in one day. The best part is that the whole family can enjoy this tour (Kids and adults).

It’s hard to believe, but this tour is designed for you to visit 3 magnificent  sites of the Riviera Maya.

Watch on Youtube our video of Mayan Adventures tour 


Yal –Ku Lagoon

It is a little piece of heaven on earth. This lagoon has a special feature, called “Halocline”. This feature is when the saltwater and freshwater meet, which creates a wonderful effect. In this lagoon you will snorkel passing by mangroves and a host of colorful fish of different sizes that you will not believe.

In the second part of the tour of the lagoon you’ll find “El Arenal”, which is where the fresh water begins to join the sea. The water at the bottom of the inlet begins to change to give way to the sea. Here  you can observe marine species without leaving the lagoon



In this tour you will visit a cave and swim and snorkel in crystal clear water. It is a great experience, swimming underground.  You will even see stone walls with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites.  You will also see bats in their natural habitat without any risk.


Cenote (Sinkhole)

If you’ve never visited a cenote, this is the best excuse to visit it. A cenote is a body of water in the middle of the jungle. It´s a kind of pool in the jungle where you can swim and enjoy the tranquility that the site offers. 

It also has the classic Zip-lines


I bet that this tour will be special for you and your family. 

At all times you are under the care of experienced guides, If you require help with your children or do not know how to swim, do not worry. They can help you.

Come to discover those magical places with AventurasMayas.




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