Plan a Perfect Kids Vacation in the Riviera Maya

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Happy children means happy parents. Planning your vacation to make all family members happy can be a challenge but not in the Riviera Maya. Mexico is a family focused culture so many activities and attractions are built to please and engage families, both young children and parents alike. We have picked some first rate kids activities in the Riviera Maya that will also inspire the young at heart.

Riviera Maya Has Great Things for Kids To Do

This list had the potential of being very, very long. We consulted some of our regular young guests (under the age of 10) and came up with the top kid activity list in the Riviera Maya.

1. Crococun Interactive Animal Adventure – This is a guided tour of many indigenous animal species found in the Riviera Maya. The focus is on crocodiles but there are way more animals to see! The interactivity of this animal ‘museum’ makes it fun, educational, and adventurous. Located just outside Puerto Morelos in the Riviera Maya, this activity is accessible by car or public transportation.

2. Snorkeling in Yal Ku Lagoon– This shallow snorkeling area in Akumal is a mix of fresh and salt water. Lots of sea life can be observed throughout the lagoon making this an educational and safe experience for the kids. Life jackets and snorkeling equipment can be rented at the lagoon. Shaded rest areas are located on the lagoon’s shore making this a possible all day event. Note to parents: you may want to read up on your fish before you enter the lagoon. Kids will want to know all the different fish they see in this water area.


3. Nature Parks – The Riviera Maya has a host of Nature Parks that are interactive playgrounds for the entire family. Xel Ha has a unique focus on water activities and sea life. Xcaret has a broader range of activities that coordinate both land and sea fun. This is an all day event, and the kids will love it. Guides and staff are wonderful at engaging the little ones, taking the educational pressure off of parents. There are things to see, do, touch, and eat at these big parks. If you purchase the all-inclusive ticket, lunch and snacks are included.


4. Tulum Ruins – Mayan history meets beautiful beaches and views of the Caribbean at the Tulum Ruins. The site is small so kids find it interesting but not overwhelming. The view is spectacular overlooking the Caribbean, and the beach at the foot of the ruins is a great way to make this a play day for the kids. Local iguanas are in abundance, rocks are great for climbing, and if you arrive early, crowds are far less that at midday. Accessible by rental car or public transportation.


5. Play areas – Play areas are both formal and informal throughout the coast. Local villages, towns and cities always have a small park with swings and climbers for little ones (formal playgrounds). Up and down the coast are lots of  cenotes which kids find to be a wonderful informal play area on hot days. All of these areas are destinations for local families who have small children to entertain and keep busy.

Lots of Activities to Keep Kids Busy in the Riviera Maya

When planning your family vacation in the Riviera Maya, use these top activities as your guide. It is best to do one big activity one day, have a beach day at your  vacation rental, and then attempt another one of these great kid adventures. Kids like a break as much as parents do, so make sure you all get some down time on the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya.



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