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Looking ahead to the beginning of the year 2021 and with the promise of continuing to offer a unique and unforgettable experience at Chic Cabaret & Restaurant, – gastro-show restaurant with a 3-hour of show and more than 25 artists on stage -, we inform you that from the 1 of January 2021, the reservation fee to attend the show will cost $ 35 USD per person.

• Applies for guests with stays from January 1, 2021.
• Chic Cabaret & Restaurant remains an included experience for all our Signature, Presidential and Ambassador members (staying in Ambassador Suites) This memberships are exempt from payment for reservation fee, as well as the cost to attend the show.
Exit, Junior, Governor and Ambassador memberships (not staying at Ambassador Suites) who want to go to Chic Cabaret & Restaurant will have a cost of $ 80 USD, which you can pay with your Palladium Money, also the $ 35 USD reservation fee per person can be paid with Palladium Money.
• In such cases the charge will be applied to the suite and will be paid at check-out before leaving the hotel, so it is not necessary to pay anything at the time of booking, or dinner.


Room Service Fee

The Room Service in Grand Palladium (does not apply to TRS or Family Selection) extends its coverage to 24 hours, however the service will have a “Service Fee” of 15USD per suite, and the customer may order up to 3 dishes per person in the room.

This Service Fee will not apply to Ambassador, Signature, Presidential and Residence suites. For any additional questions, you can approach our operational Palladium Travel Club staff at the destination that visits us.

* It can also be paid with Palladium Money.


Additional Services for Ambassador, Presidential and Signature Members

With regard to our new experiences that we hope to offer to our members, we want to let you know that from the date of this announcement, we will be doing a new follow-up service for our Ambassador, Presidential and Signature members in conjunction with our reservations department, we share with you below details:

At the time of receiving the confirmation of your reservations regardless of the type of room you have reserved. You will be integrated with the PTC Operations Managers of the destination you will travel to in order to make your experience with us easier and more comfortable. You can request from the reservations of your favorite restaurants during your stay, to know the weather in your destination today. We invite you to let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion.
Additional discounts on the Ambassador, Signature and Residence categories. More and more we launch special promotions for these categories that only you have access to.
Double Palladium Money on some offers. During the Black Travel Offer, We offered double Palladium Money to make your experience more attractive and we will consider this benefit in future promotions.


Referrals Program

Invite your family and friends to learn about the benefits of traveling as a Palladium Travel Club member and receive valuable rewards for your referrals.

The benefits and accesses of the Referrals are the same that you as a member have with your membership.

Learn about some of the main benefits:

  • Round transportation from the closest international airport to the destination of your choice
  • Home Tour
  • Palladium Money
  • Personal Concierge
  • Bracelet that distinguishes them as “Members” of the Palladium Travel Club
  • Palladium Travel Club “Preferential Rates”
  • Unlimited reservations at the themed restaurants
  • Access to exclusive partner areas

You also benefit from inviting your family or friends.

All reservations you make under the Referral Program are considered to obtain benefits for you as a member.

If the referral acquires a membership with code JR, JP, SR, SP, SS, CR, CP, CS or PS (which can be identified in the membership number) you get a free week.
If the referral does not acquire a membership after having attended the sales presentation, the member will be able to enjoy 7 additional Palladium nights in their membership.


Palladium Travel Club rewards the loyalty of our most loyal members, for each reservation with your week certificate benefit the 8th night is FREE!

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with family and friends at our resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Brazil.

Take advantage of this incredible exclusive promotion for Palladium Travel Club Members!

*For more information about the restrictions and/or booking window please click on the next link: http://www.palladiumtravelclub.com/en/offers/


Dear member,

We remind you that Palladium Travel Club does not have any COVID-19 program in which you can rent or sell your Weeks; We also reiterate that we do NOT use domains such as @palladiumtravelclub.net, @palladiumtravelclub.com.mx, @ palladiumtravelclub.com.do, @palladiumtravelclub.com.jm, @palladiumtravelclub.com.es or @palladium-travelclubmx.com, among others.

For security reasons, we recommend that you always reconfirm any offer of this nature with the Verification Officer team:

Riviera Maya




Número telefónico:  984-877-2100


Punta Cana





Número telefónico: 809-221-8149






Número telefónico: 876-620-0000


Riviera Nayarit


Número telefónico: 329-226-9900


Costa Mujeres




Número telefónico: 998-868-5200


Palladium Travel Club

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