Good Afternoon:

We wanted to write and relay our appreciation and compliments to the Palladium Travel Club staff in the Riviera Maya.

We have been members of the Travel Club since 2011, and we have enjoyed the perks and the service the travel club offers.  This was our eighth trip to the Riviera Maya resort, ( February 11-21), and we can say without hesitation that we have never been as well served as we had this year.

The private check and check out in at the Travel Club lounge is wonderful.  The staff in the Travel Club in Colonial were marvellous.  Esmeralda and Idea were always welcoming, extremely helpful and efficient.  From dinner reservations to helping with the printer, everything was done with a smile.  They solved our issues, be it with the room, charges, etc.  They are both very engaging young women, and you should be very proud that they work for the Travel Club.  Esmeralda even promised us better weather and it happened!

As concierges we and our guests this trip dealt with Joaquin and Joao.  Both were prompt, friendly and eager to make our stay comfortable.  We enjoy the beach lounge and Ernesto of course makes everyone welcome and makes the best Tom (Ernesto) Collins in the resort.  During the day shift we had the pleasure of chatting and being served by Veronica, who is absolutely lovely.

There was a new trainee in the Travel Club lounge in Colonial.  I do not know her name, but she was as well a pleasure to speak to.  As she was being trained by Esmeralda and Idea, so, no doubt she will be a great success.

Thanks to all for making our stay wonderful, and we look forward to seeing everyone on our next visit.


Joan Dervin and Cliff Shaw



  1. Daniel & Norma Rojas says

    My wife and I just arrived home from THE BEST vacation ever. We have traveled to many places, seen beautiful things, met lovely people. Our stay at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya will forever be an unforgettable experience.
    Arriving at Riviera was like landing on another planet. There was an energy of serenity, excitement, and contentment that embraced us immediately. The next seven (7) days would be filled with calmness and enjoyment. There is only one reason why we and others experience a wonderful stay at Riviera – The Staff. The individuals, the employees, the personnel, the team of human beings that make everything happen there is the reason for the soothing environment.
    Before leaving our Palladium friends my wife and I decided to become part of that experience and join the Travel Club. We are still excited about our connection with Palladium and especially the people. We can’t wait to visit again. We will certainly be celebrating the family get together in Jamaica this September.
    We would like to thank the following individuals who made our Palladium experience an amazing one;
    Carolina, Fredy, Maria, Deigo, Victor, Hector, Christina, Alfredo, Monica, and all the behind-the-scenes personnel that make everything happen.
    To our Mayan friends – Yu’um bootik.

    Daniel & Norma Rojas

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