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Home Tour: Sayulita & San Pancho

Dear members, today we’re taking you to one of our favorite places in the Riviera Nayarit, which also happens to be our home tour when you visit us at the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa: Sayulita & San Pancho.

We know you love to spend the day at the pool, on the beach or relaxing at the spa, but getting out and exploring the towns near our resorts gives you a full experience of the local culture. In Mexico, some of these small towns have received the official title of Pueblo Magico. These towns retain their classic charm through their architecture, culture and daily life.

Our Casa a Sayulita Tour takes you to one of the best magical towns in all of Mexico, and includes a visit to San Pancho.

The first stop on this tour is San Pancho and it is only 10 kilometers away from Sayulita.

Although the visit is short, you have enough time to contemplate the beautiful beach, the incredible view it offers and have a refreshing drink in any place near the beach. There is also a plaza with beautiful handicrafts, the ideal souvenir of your visit to San Pancho.

Next stop: Rancho Mi Chaparrita

This ranch is very famous and visited by many celebrities, such as: the Kardashian family, Selena Gomez, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Matt Damon among others.

Once you get off the transfer the friendly restaurant staff will take you straight to a tequila tasting in the restaurant with around 6 different types of tequila such as: reposado, joven and creamy flavors similar to cream whiskey such as Baileys. They also have an incredible menu ranging from antojitos like guacamole to seafood and cuts of meat. While you wait for your food you can watch the cooks make tortillas by hand in huge clay pans.


Last stop: Sayulita!

Sayulita is very popular for being a very picturesque town and having warm beaches that are perfect for surfing, swimming, visiting restaurants and beautiful traditional Huichol handicraft shops. In this beautiful place is where you stay longer compared to the previous places. You are probably wondering if it is a small town, what will I be able to do there? Don’t worry! We have a list of activities that we are sure will thrill you. If you like water activities you can do:


Sayulita is synonymous with surfing. On the town’s main beach there are several surf schools. If you already know how to surf, you can rent a board, but if you are just learning, local instructors will help you ride the waves for an unforgettable vacation in Nuevo Vallarta.

Paddle boarding

Paddleboarding is easier than surfing. If you can keep your balance, this is a relaxing way to explore the sea or you could just relax on the beach.

In case you want to tour the town, here are the places you can’t miss if you visit this incredible magical town.

Dolphin Street

One of the main spots in Sayulita is Calle Delfìnes, where color and papel picado are the protagonists. On this street you can find several places to eat or buy souvenirs of your trip. This is also the way to get to the main beach: Sayulita Beach.

One of the best activities to explore the local culture is to visit the local boutiques and galleries. Sayulita is an artistic town, and you’ll find everything from handcrafted jewelry to hand-blown glass. Visit them and you’ll find the perfect treasure to take home.

After surfing and/or browsing the local stores you’re sure to get hungry or want to indulge in a refreshing drink, we recommend visiting these restaurants and bars:

Local food varies from street taco stands to themed restaurants, making it a perfect place for foodies.



This is a small cafe & bar with an excellent atmosphere and décor that you are sure to know a musician, movie or cultural reference, plus it has swings, which makes it even more fun. During the day it is a quiet place to have a snack and a drink, but at night this charming place comes alive with music and dancing. Being outdoors, you’re immersed in Sayulita’s vibrant nightlife scene, and you can smoke Hookah here too!


Located on the edge of the town square. It has become a must stop for tourists in Sayulita as the frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and topped with granola or sprinkles are delicious! On their menu you will also find a variety of options for breakfast or lunch; from French bread, bagels, chilaquiles with eggs, sandwiches, burritos, to the traditional banana bread.

The Real Fish Tacos

On Calle Delfines, between the plaza and the beach, The Real Fish Tacos serves some of the best seafood in town. Choose from fried fish, smoked marlin or shrimp, and cool off with a cold beer. While this taco stand may seem simple, you shouldn’t miss it.


This is one of the many delicious restaurants in town with unique options such as tuna sashimi and fresh oysters. Excellent service and modern design make Barracuda a classic Sayulita favorite.

Add a touch of wonder and adventure to your vacation by staying in this beautiful place for a few more hours so you can enjoy the nightlife Sayulita has to offer, as the tour is scheduled to return at 4pm, if you wish to stay we suggest you let the driver or transfer guide know you will be staying longer.

As we mentioned before, this incredible magical town offers you a great variety of options to have a great time, they organize theme parties, foam nights, retro music, electronic music and even live bands, so the party goes on all night long!

The cost of the taxi back to the hotel is approximately $25 USD

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