The Perfect Suitcase for Vallarta

August 1, 2022 / 0 Comments

Waking up next to your special someone with the vibrant light of the Pacific sky, a few steps away from the waves of the sea. Wouldn’t it be the perfect plan? Take advantage of the summer to spend a few days of tranquillity in the Riviera Nayarit and have the best holidays with Palladium Travel Club.

Vallarta is the place with the most amazing sunsets of all our destinations. Whether you’re looking for a place to have fun, romantic or relaxed, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Come and experience the magic of Riviera Nayarit! We’ll help you make sure you don’t miss anything in your suitcase with these tips:


Comfortable outfits

The sun is out and we are getting ready to explore the surroundings of Vallarta. Take a day out of your stay to take one of our Home Tours, either to visit Saluyita & San Pancho or to enjoy a sunset in the city centre. Be impressed by the colours as cheerful as the people, also the unique and addictive flavours.

The rocky streets of the Pacific will greet you with a frame of colourful papel picado, Mexican music in the background and endless shops with handicrafts, tequila and seasonal fruits. On both tours you’ll get to know the Mexican culture up close and personal, get into a local experience and love Mexico a little bit more.

Pack your best outifit to be comfortable while you are fascinated by the destination. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and hat to cover yourself from the sun and, for more diverse and fun pictures.

Waterproof mobile phone case

The best sunset photos are with you. Capture the red clouds in the background and the golden glow reflected in the sea water from inside the beach; let the golden hour contrast with your skin and frame your features. The location of the hotel is privileged, so no one will have pictures like yours!

Get a waterproof case for your mobile phone so you can experiment with different approaches without fear of damaging your phone.  Share this unique moment with everyone you know and convince them that Vallarta is the place with the most beautiful sunsets.

White Outfit

The sunset comes to an end and gives the start of the vibrant nightlife inside the hotel. The most awaited event of the week is about to begin. The waves of the sea catch the rhythm of the music and the sand begins to vibrate with the movement of the feet to the beat of the song. Only two things stand out from the darkness: the reflection of the moon in the sea and a group of people dressed in white.

From head to toe, white is a must. A party to wear your best white outfit and enjoy the mystical beach atmosphere. Enjoy a great show together with the entertainment team and everyone ready to dance, laugh and have a great time by the sea.

If after the white party you still feel like dancing, a live dj will be waiting for you with the hits of the moment for you to show off your best moves, end the night like a dancing star and treasure that moment as one of the best of your holidays.

Salts, oils and bath bombs

After a day full of activities at the resort, a whirlpool bath awaits you to relax without having to leave your room. You deserve a moment to pamper yourself at least one night by treating yourself to a bath that will improve your sleep and give you energy for another day in paradise.

In your suitcase you can’t miss any of these three suggestions to make the most of everything your room has to offer:

  • Salts: salts have many benefits for your skin, you can moisturise and detoxify it while your muscles relax and you get a total relaxation. To set the mood you can play your favourite music and accompany it with a glass of your favourite drink.
  • Oils: Add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy a nice relaxing bath. Besides the delicious smell, the oils will help your body to feel full of energy the next day.
  • Bath bombs: A mix of the two above, with salts and oils, these soap bombs will bring many benefits to your skin. Indulge in a silky smooth bath to cleanse your skin and pamper it at the same time. Create an atmosphere of relaxation and have a special night just for you.

Water Shoes

We love swimming in the natural coves of the Pacific and, to enjoy the experience, water shoes will be the best option since they will protect you from the hot sand of the sea and you will be able to walk inside the hotel facilities with comfort. They will be your best allies during your extraordinary vacations, so don’t forget and look for yours before arriving to the majestic waters of the Pacific.

Pack your suitcase with each of our suggestions to make the most of your trip to Vallarta. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place and spend the best days of your year in our Pacific hotels. Fall in love with Mexico and let us pamper you as only the Palladium Travel Club family knows how. When will we see you?

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