Unforgettable Holidays!

For me, Palladium Riviera Maya is a special place where I will relax, to spend a few days of tranquility and des connection. Last August’16 I saw the change they are continually making to improve facilities and make us feel at home (that’s how I feel, as in a second residence). The Kantenah and Colonial lobbies have been renovated, pleasantly surprising me. I have loved it, new decoration, new lights, new furniture, more comfortable and original. The Sports Bar, amazing, new decor and lighting, all great and much more spacious. The ideal place where to taste some good snacks and beers if you like the sport. And if you do not like … .also !!


The buffets, great (I’m over a week old) and do not become repetitive, as you have a wide variety of dishes. I already noticed a change last year but this year has surprised me a lot more.
They care a lot about people who need a special diet, whether due to some kind of food intolerance, allergies, special diets, vegan, vegetarian, etc. This year I have noticed that everything is better indicated with signs that refer to this type of situations.

Also, if you mention it, they give you a card indicating the situation that you have, and that you have to present to your arrival at the buffet or restaurant. With pleasure the chef will leave and give you a “tour” explaining and detailing what you can or can not eat. I have a food allergy and it is much simpler, because with this service you can eat quiet without needing to be worried about if you carry something that will make you feel bad. (to get sick)


The staff are very friendly and polite, although somewhat slow in serving the drinks, although we have to get accustomed to the pace (we are on vacation) and we all ask at the same time; But it is true that we brewers like beer with their cream.

The a la carte restaurants are “themed”, as always with their queues of people without prior reservation who think that with a tip they are squeezed (in some case yes, let’s face it). The new dress code seems to me great because the fact of being able to go with dress shorts (instead of long trousers as before), prevents you from passing more heat than necessary for the weather and a weight that we get rid of in the Suitcase haha

I have to complain that it is not logical for a person to say that a bathing suit is shorts (because the next day is in the swimming pool), placing in a conflict the employee who is at the reception; If you want to go like that, you can go to the buffet. I have seen girls in sports shorts and sports sneakers. If you want to go to the restaurant a la carte unless you have lost your suitcase (which is a bitch) I do not think there are excuses to go with that pint; We all like to get a little settled as well as respect the standards that the hotel puts.


Regarding the new restaurants a la carte:

The Spanish restaurant LA LOLA: impressive decoration, very original all over the roof full of famous castanets !!! Excellent lighting, cozy, spacious, with dim light on their tables for that special moment. The service a bit slow, could quite improve the wait between plate and plate. Wide choice of starters as a buffet, many canapés where to choose and very well presented.

The Brazilian restaurant RODIZIO has been renovated. Everything new, distribution, furniture, decoration … everything. The food was excellent.

This year we enjoyed the Ambassador Suite, I had an INCREDIBLE experience, thanks to the Palladium Travel Club, we thank you from the heart.
The electronic equipment worked properly and the room sensational, huge, bright, beautiful …. I think I fall short when describing it (attached photos). Thank Mr. Jose Itza for his services during our stay, impeccable and punctual cleaning. Seriously, my congratulations for your excellent way of working as well as being a kind and friendly person.


This year for the first time we tried the “ROOM SERVICE” (room service). Perfect for rainy days or days for whatever reason you do not fancy going back out of the room. Delivery of food at the appointed times. Ms. Tatiana’s phone call, great and very kind. Hot dishes still arrive in the room. All very well presented and packaged so you do not spill or drop anything on the food while they carry it. A great option that met our expectations.

To comment also that this summer they changed the loungers of the large pools. You do not know what we appreciate … the old ones could not be stretched at all and some were deteriorated. The new ones are fully extended and easier to handle.

Also comment that the hotel is enabling more access for people with reduced mobility, or families with baby carts, etc.

This year our holidays were very special. As well as special are the people who made it possible: the great and wonderful teams of PALLADIUM TRAVEL CLUB, People Of Palladium POP and Palladium We already said it in person but we will not get tired of repeating it again and again … .GRACIAS, GRACIAS Y THANKS to Sergio Bermejo, Memo, Iván Reyes, Esmeralda, Ana, Garvéy, Joaquin Vilches, Laura, Daniel, Sharon, Yavel and Malta Calderon (sorry if we forget anyone). Malta, we still have tears in reading your letter !!. It really was a holiday full of emotion and feelings, an unforgettable vacation.

Thank you.

Room Tip: If you want to relax ask for Riviera or Kantenah area in villas away from the pools.

By: Francisco Bellido


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