Palladium Hotel Group appoints Ignacio Zuasti as

General Manager of Palladium Travel Club

Ignacio Zuasti is a Certified Public Accountant with a Postgraduate Specialisation in Management from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, and an MBA from the University of Liverpool in the UK. He has spent the last 20 years in various multinational companies, in consulting, financial and commercial roles.

We had a brief chat with our new Director, he told us that he lives in Uruguay with his beautiful wife and 3 lovely children. Not everything in his day to day life is about numbers, Ignacio is passionate about music and has been playing various instruments since he was a child. He also practices Yoga to try to balance the intense pace of work he lives with and as if that wasn’t enough he is also a tennis enthusiast.

“I am honored to have been appointed Director of Palladium Travel Club. I take it with great responsibility, humility and joy

I joined Palladium Hotel Group just over a year ago, specifically Palladium Travel Club as Chief Financial Officer. Since then I have been in charge of important system and process changes that will be the cornerstone of improvements aimed at enhancing our members’ experience. It is a rapidly expanding business unit with an incredible team that is passionate and dedicated to the day to day.

“My main tasks are listening. Listening to our members, listening to the whole team”

I will continue the good management and drive forward the improvements that are necessary to maintain the good reputation that the Travel Club has built, as well as continue to push for initiatives that will result in an even better experience for our beloved PTC family. I will also ensure that everyone on the team shares the same business vision, and assist in its execution. Identify the challenges ahead and look for ways to continue to grow and improve continuously.

In this regard, he highlights the many strategic opportunities and actions needed to position the Travel Club as one of the best Vacation Club.

 “I am at the service of the team to facilitate the necessary actions to carry forward the great plans we have for the club”

Before working at Palladium Hotel Group I had already spent a couple of holidays with my family in Grand Palladium hotels, and I experienced first-hand how unforgettable the experiences are and how comfortable you feel during your stay. I am truly honoured to be able to do my bit to reward those who choose us for their holidays.

This year I have discovered that there really is a family atmosphere among members and staff, which takes our motto “From Guest to Family” to another level. One of my greatest concerns is to continue to think as a team about how to make the PTC family feel more and more special. To this end, I remain fully available for discussions and you can trust that we will keep you informed of new and exciting initiatives in the near future.


Palladium Travel Club,

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