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Palladium Hotel Group recently made an exciting foray into the world of sports sponsorship by announcing its inaugural partnership with the legendary New York Islanders ice hockey team. This groundbreaking alliance, set to span three years, promises an array of engaging activations, and exclusive experiences.

For enthusiasts of ice hockey among our members, this is indeed thrilling news. The collaboration is a strategic move within Palladium Hotel Group’s broader sponsorship strategy, adding the New York Islanders to an illustrious list that already features successful agreements with the New York Yankees and Real Madrid.

Keep a close eye on our social networks, as we may soon unveil an exciting contest for a chance to win tickets to some of the New York Islanders games!



The Real Madrid Clinics will arrive this summer at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya to provide soccer training programs for boys and girls ages 6 to 14. These trainings will offer your children a unique and exciting opportunity to experience specialized soccer training with Real Madrid Foundation coaches who will help them improve their soccer skills. By training under “The Real Way” methodology, this training is based on a complete developmental analysis that combines individual follow-up, as well as teaching values such as leadership, teamwork, respect and effort.

Below we share with you the training dates of the Real Madrid Clinic in our beautiful Caribbean destinations:

Grand Palladium Riviera Maya

April 1 – 5, 2024


Take advantage of the contest we have on Facebook to win one of the 10 training passes for the Real Madrid Clinics that will start from April 1 – 5 at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya. If you have children between 6 and 14 years old they can participate in this contest! It is very easy to participate in this contest, you just have to follow the following rules and enter the facebook POST to upload your children’s video.

To participate:

1️⃣ You must be a member or beneficiary of Palladium Travel Club.

2️⃣ Follow @palladiumtravelclub on Facebook and Instagram

3️⃣ “Like” the contest post on our Facebook page

4️⃣ Record a short video of your child showing off their soccer skills or expressing their love for the game.

5️⃣ Share in the comments of the post your child’s video and use the following hashtags: #PTCgiveaways #RealMadridClinic

6️⃣ The 10 videos with the most reactions will win their ticket to the Real Madrid Clinics!

The contest ends: March 11 at 15:00H



One more spectacular experience in Riviera Maya, prepare your senses for this gastro-entertainment experience. In this new space you can enjoy a fun atmosphere where you will listen to incredible music from the 80’s and 90’s accompanied by a spectacular cuisine that will make you remember moments every minute.

Bravo Dinner & Dance is an included experience for all our Ambassador members (staying in Ambassador Suites) Presidential, Presidential Ambassador, Presidential Signature, Presidential Signature Residence and Presidential Signature Residence so they are exempt from paying the entrance fee.

Exit, Junior, Governor and Ambassador members (not staying at Ambassador Suites) who want to go to Bravo Dinner & Dance has a cost of $56 USD for members staying at Grand Palladium and $50 USD for members staying at TRS Hotels or Family Selection. which can be paid with their Palladium Money, in any case the payment will be in cash or by credit card. In the case that the charge is in cash it will be applied to the room at the time of booking at the restaurant, and will be paid at check-out before leaving the hotel, so it is not necessary to pay anything at the time of booking, or dinner.

A new concept for those members who go the extra mile and want to enjoy a unique and exquisite mix: Eat well and have a good time.

On your next visit to Grand Palladium Riviera Maya or TRS Yucatan come to Bravo Dinner & Dance and enjoy a night full of music, happenings and the best party atmosphere.



The Environmental Sanitation Fee has a priority objective: to ensure that all visitors to the Riviera Maya contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the tourist destination. Recently an increase in the cost of DSA in the Riviera Maya was announced, having now a cost of $32.571 per room per night occupied as of February 1, 2024. The resources will be used for environmental sanitation, public safety, civil protection and other actions that contribute to sustainability as a tourist destination.

The environmental sanitation fee is not included in the rates, it is applied to rooms for overnight stays, this fee may vary from one country to another due to national legislation.


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