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Dear Members,

Hoping that this e-mail finds you and your family well. As you have an arrival into one of our properties in Quintana Roo, México, in a near future, we need to inform you that the Quintana Roo Government it is issuing a new tax for foreign visitors, to be effective from April 1st 2021.

The usage fee is totally a Responsibility of the Quintana Roo Government and consists on a payment by foreign tourists of approximately 10 USD, depending on the exchange rate. Tourists can pay prior to their arrival, when entering, or during their stay since the payment verification will take place once tourists leave the State of Quintana Roo.

A website will be available to users in which, by filling in a form, tourists will be able to make the payment of said contribution and obtain a receipt.

The following information is requested to fill out the VISITAX form:

  • Number of people traveling
  • Name, age, and passport number – individually
  • Departure date
  • Data to make the payment electronically

This tax is additional and independent to the environmental, Ecotouristic tax that is collected by hotels in all Riviera Maya and Cancun since over 2 years.

Hope this information will be helpful for your next visit.



The Palladium Travel Club Family

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