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March 23, 2020 / 42 Comments

Dear Member,

There is no doubt we are living days of uncertainty as we continue battling against an invisible enemy called COVID-19, causing a chain of reactions.

This collateral damage and since health is first, Palladium Hotel Group has decided to temporarily close all hotel operations. The closings will be gradual until the last member has withdrawn according to the dates detailed below:

MEXICO: TRS Coral Hotel & Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa will remain open until April 3rd, 2020 before it closes.

o   TRS Yucatan Hotel, Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa, Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa  and Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa will close March 24, 2020, as a reminder, all passengers between now and April 3rd, will be accommodated at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa or TRS Coral Hotel accordingly, meanwhile these properties are open.

o   Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa will will close April 1st, 2020.

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:  All properties will close in March 28, 2020.
  • JAMAICA: All properties will close in March 24, 2020.
  • BRAZIL:  will close in March 30, 2020.



o    Members will be able to change the date of their booking to a future travel date until 23rd of December, 2020 with no additional fee or cancellation penalty, other dates will apply restrictions.

o    The rate will be the same for the new booking.

o    If the rate is lower on the new travel date, we will price match it; alternatively, if the client wishes to change brands between Grand Palladium to TRS Hotels, they would be responsible for any price increases.



o    Any deposits or payments already received will be applied toward a future date.


o    There will be no cancellation penalties for passengers traveling between now and April 30th, 2020.


o    All No-Shows will be waived for passengers traveling between now and April 30th, 2020.


o    Once ready, please contact our Call Center to move your date.

o    I IMPORTANT: You must provide our Call Center the original booking # to modify.


Thank you in advance for your continuous support.






  1. Timothy Burns says

    I’m not sure i understand the date’s we were scheduled for March 20 2020 through March 29 2020. we cancelled due to the virus on March the 18th. Now that was a benefit week now when do i need to use my benefit week’s by (and how many do i have left) and when do i need to book these? if you could let me know these question’s please. also can you tell me the balance (if any) on this membership ?JAM-SR-DA-2510

  2. Maria cristina rojas flores says

    Buenas noches
    Su servidora maria cristina rojas flores
    Socia número cun-3007
    Como aplicaría mi reserva
    Tengo reservado del 13 de abril al 20 de abril
    Espero respuesta
    Puedo hablar con alguien?? Por teléfono?

    • Social Travel Club says

      Buenas tardes,

      Entendemos la situación y seremos flexibles en la modificación de sus reservas hasta 23/12/20. Me podría indicar quién es su agente de reservas, por favor.

    • Social Travel Club says

      Hello Robert,

      Everyday we are checking the situation, we hope by then all our resorts and hotels will be open but we’ll let you all know through our social media.

  3. Guillermo Fernandez Lagos says

    En primer lugar, lamentar la situacion que nos aflige a todos, Tengo una reserva desde el 10 de mayo hasta el 31 de mayo del 2020, desde ya no puedo viajar por lo dicho anteriormente, de momento la debo cancelar y esperar para reagendar y lo mismo aplica para los pasajes aereos.
    Esperaremos como evoluciona la situacion para volver a comunicarnos. gracias

  4. Sheree West says

    I made a reservation for Jamaica 14-21Aug20
    No one confirmed my reservations and I called again about my trip and still no one has gotten back to me. Please accept this email to cancel my trip for my family and I we will not be traveling.
    Sheree West member# JAM-SR-DA-2759
    Phone 757 291-4129

    • Social Travel Club says

      So sorry to hear that. You can also modify your reservation with no extra charge, you have until 23/12/20. Can you tell me who’s your booking agent, please.

  5. Nancy Sobek says

    We have been coming to tha Grand Palladium Colonial resort for the past 15 years. Have a vacation planned and paid for from May 19 to May 29. Hopping the resort is open since we call it our second home.

    • Social Travel Club says

      Hello Nancy,

      We hope all resorts and hotels will be open by then, but right now we are still monitoring the situation. Any update we have, we’ll let you know through our social media. Also, you can modify your reservations until 23/12/20.

  6. Miguel de Santiago says

    Buenas tardes
    En RD, veo que cierra el 28 Marzo, pero….. por cuánto tiempo?. quizás un mes, o más tiempo.?.
    Tengo reserva del 9 al 23 Mayo!, mi intención firme es ir, pero no se si estará abierto. Que debo hacer?.
    Muchas gracias

    • Social Travel Club says

      Buenas tardes,

      Aún no sabemos hasta cuando pueda permanecer cerrado el hotel, todos los días monitoreamos la situación. Cualquier noticia al respecto, la estaremos dando a conocer a través de nuestras redes sociales. Sin embargo, usted puede re-programar sus vacaciones hasta el 23/12/20.

  7. Fred Parsons says

    Thank you for the update . We had the palladium booked in Punta Cana for 10 days in April Hoping to change dates for October of this year Will advise Thank you

    • Social Travel Club says

      Hello Fred,

      We understand the situation, the best you can do is reschedule your vacations, you have until 23/12/20. There will be no extra charge we’ll respect the same rate.

  8. Ines says

    Yo viajaba con una agencia de viajes, y esta cerrada porque en España hay estado de alarma, no se como debo reaccionar llame y se supone que ellos se habran puesto en contacto con ustedes, animo teniamos que llegar hoy hasta el 1 de abril, me da tanta pena, porque tampoco nos dejan celebrar buestra boda.

    • Social Travel Club says

      Hola Ines,

      ¡Lo lamento mucho! ¿Usted había reservado algún paquete con Weddings Palladium?
      Usted puede re-programar sus vacaciones sin ningún costo, hasta el 23/12/20.



    • Social Travel Club says


      Al día de hoy te comento que la apertura de nuestros hoteles y resorts será en Mayo, de lo contrario, daremos a conocer las nuevas fechas de apertura por medio de nuestras redes sociales y blog.

  10. Devin says

    Due to these unfortunate events, would we receive deposits back if we had weddings booked with you? Also, what about VIP weeks? Do we get extensions as well?

      • Devin says

        I don’t know when this will be over and I want to get married on the date we picked. So rescheduling might not be an option. But if you guys are closed, wouldn’t I be able to get my deposit back?

        • Social Travel Club says

          Can you send me the name and email of who did the reservation with weddings, please.
          So that the manager of Palladium Weddings can explain with detailed information.

          Thank you!

    • Social Travel Club says


      Por el momento se quedan las fechas de cierre que dice en el artículo, pero seguiremos monitoreando la situación ya que puede extenderse la fecha de apertura. Una vez que se encuentren abiertos los hoteles y resorts, lo daremos a conocer a través de nuestras redes sociales y blog.

  11. fabian says

    Buenos Dias, sres. de Palladium, los felicito por la explicacion detallada en el presente Informe.

    pero no entiendo los comentarios de los socios y/o personas que contrataron los servicios del hotel por distintos agencias de viajes,

    Sres. y Sras. esto es una PANDEMIA MUNDIAL, todos nos encontramos en la misma situacion, pero no podemos preguntar hasta cuando permanecera cerrado los complejos hoteleres, solo Dios y nosotros si cumplimos con las directivas de CUIDARNOS, quizas pasara.

    preguntemosno, si esta PANDEMIA pasara y despues organizaremos nuestras vacaciones, como creo que todos la merecemos, pero tengamos paciencia y fe en Dios, no seamos egoistas.

    Felicito a Travel Grup (Palladium) por las medidas adoptadas.

  12. Cindy says

    Hello, we supposed to come over May 15th., but if we have to cancel because the resort is not open or our flight is not going, we cannot go this year. Do we want to go next year, but we had the free week this reservation. Can we use the free week for next year?

    • Social Travel Club says

      Hello Cindy,

      You have to check your situation with your booking agent because we are allowing to modify vacations until 23/12/20 but if you can’t I suggest to talk to our Call Center/ booking agent to see what we can do.

  13. Thamar Rivera says

    Hello Palladium and God Bless you ALL, thank you for being sooo proactive about this serious issue and caring so much about your members, Its very much appreciated My question yo you is:
    I have a free week to use this year and we were planning to visit Spain by June which was the expiration month to use it; we decided not to expose ourselves at least until past September; your reply has been that you will honor everything until 23/23/2020, does that means we do not have to sign anything acknowledging the honoring of an extension of the benefit week besides your reply to this message? I certainly do not want to loose it. Thank you in advance , jamjrca2024

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