Mexico makes fun and celebrates death in Xcaret.

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Mexico is one of the few countries where people make fun and celebrate the death.

This celebration is made from pre-Hispanic times. When the Spanish arrived in Tenochtitlan they were amazed by the wonders found in these lands, but in they turned horrified because they found a building called tzompantli which contained human skulls.


Currently the tradition of celebrating the dead has diversified and Xcaret offers a different way to celebrate these dates which for the Mexicans are very important.


From October 30th to November 2nd, 2015. This wonderful park offers a festival that celebrates life and death. So both Mexicans and foreigners can approach to these colorful and joyful traditions

This event is for all audiences because it is very friendly and familiar, if you ever had the opportunity to visit Xcaret you cannot miss Xcaret completely decorated according to the season even the staff is part on the decoration.


During the festival you can enjoy traditional Mexican food, crafts, stories, dances and stories performed by a group of professionals that will surely leave an unforgettable memory, will change the way you look at death and our traditions.

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This year the festival has a special guest, the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas on 1st and 2nd November.


Don´t miss this event

Life and death festival


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