Mexican exclusive party

September 21, 2022 / 0 Comments

During the 15th of September we organised different activities exclusively for our members. It is a very important date for all Mexicans, so we wanted to bring you a little closer to their traditions and give a taste of the Mexican atmosphere.

To give you a bit of context, the 15th of September marks the beginning of Mexican Independence with the characteristic shout out of “Viva Mexico” followed by the ring of bells. As in his time, the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla did in the ancient city of Dolores in 1810. Nowadays, it is a date to get together with the family, prepare typical cuisine, dance and enjoy the rest of the night.

Nayarit Riviera

The golden Pacific sunset accompanied us for a pleasant evening full of colours, flavours and sounds. Vallarta is one of our favourite destinations to spend a date as special as this one, being in the city where the best tequila in the country is produced. The event at the Members Terrace Lounge started with some authentic drinks prepared by our favourite mixologist, Misael. He welcomed us with an explosion of flavours ideal for a hot afternoon.

While we were having fun with the lottery game, we were surprised by a group of mariachis who delighted us with the best Mexican songs. From Pedro Infante to Luis Miguel they filled our skin with green, white and red. A sublime evening for all our members in Vallarta who decided to get into the Mexican joy.

Costa Mujeres

On the other side, in the Caribbean, the day started with a vibrant sun and a party energy all over the Resort. Early in the morning we started preparing everything in the Members Lounge to give all our members an epic afternoon. Dressed in the national colours of green, white and red, the members’ area turned into a party.

Drinks prepared with authentic Mexican flavour, and a photo booth to take home a souvenir of the country and the perfect holiday in the company of the Palladium Travel Club family. The evening was rounded off with the best surprise… mariachis! The best selection of songs to give the shout out and continue the Mexican celebration.

Mayan Riviera

One of the most exclusive events of all our destinations. The hotel’s Mexican party joined forces with Palladium Travel Club to make the best event of the night. Our members had preferential seating in lounge style rooms in front of the stage. An exclusive bar for them and the best welcome from the Manager, Hector Perez.

From far away you could perceive the magnitude of the event, with green, white and red lights, two stages, a playground, craft stalls and stalls to taste antojitos and Mexican mixology. There was fun for everyone from the little ones with piñatas and face painting to the older ones with games of chance such as marbles and stop the bottle.

Upon entering you could order a shot of mezcal or tequila inside a cucumber or a tuna frosted with chamoy and chilli, the best way to start a Mexican night out! One of our favourite mixologies for its Mexican pink colour and refreshing taste was the margarita with tequila, red tuna, aniseed and tamarind.

Following the tour, there were carts with snacks for sweet and savoury tastes. A donut and berlin bar filled with pastry cream and cajeta; a cart with corn and another with esquites prepared with lemon, mayonnaise, grated cheese and chili. The authentic taste of the country.

The show started at 20:00 with the song “La Bikina”, the melodious voice of the singer delighted us for a few minutes until the dancers came on stage and told us stories with their dances. The first number was a pre-Hispanic dance, followed by the dance of the butterflies, they continued with different typical dances from each city such as Jalisco, Veracruz, Michoacán.

Between each show, the animation team was in charge of getting all our members dancing with cumbia and salsa. Minutes before the shout out, a mariachi band arrived with a charro on a horse, who surprised us all with incredible tricks with his rope to the rhythm of the mariachi instruments.

At 23:00 we gave the shout and inaugurated the dance floor for salsa, cumbia, bachata and the famous rodeo horse. Our members spent a magical night with the best attention and preferential seating. It was just a taste of what’s to come at the Cool Tour in October.


Don’t hesitate to celebrate one of our national holidays in one of your favourite destinations! Check out the current offers on our website and social networks and surprise yourself with our traditions and customs. Live a new experience with your Palladium Travel Club family.

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