L'Aquarium in Playa del Carmen

January 5, 2017 / 0 Comments


Playa del Carmen, Mexico is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Mexico and the main reason are the beautiful beaches with which this site counts and the famous 5th avenue in which visitors from all over the world converge to buy souvenirs, eat and more.

Now on Fifth Avenue you can also enjoy the new L’Aquarium, located in Plaza Corazón. Where you will live a unique experience. The aquarium has three levels where you can find different species of fish and thus know the importance of marine life.


And to know more about this beautiful place we did a short interview with Rodrigo Santana, host supervisor of the aquarium.

How long has the Aquarium?

1 month approximately

What is the objective of the aquarium?

Publicize the richness of marine diversity and raise awareness among visitors.

Which area should not be missed visitors?

The sunken ship, as it is the largest fish tank we have, has 30 thousand liters of water. And is the home of the nurse shark.

What is your favorite fish in the aquarium?

It’s hard to choose a fish but I think the Blue surgeon is my favorite fish. But also the nurse shark, of which we have a beautiful specimen


Why the people have to visit the aquarium?

For many reasons:

1.- because we are very close to the fifth avenue

2.-Perceiving marine life different from what you can live on a tour or movie

3.- Because it is the best option for families and especially for those who come with older adults who are very difficult and tired to do all-day tours.

Walk through the showrooms surrounded by fish ponds with wonderful marine species, is everything you need to start or end your day in Playa del Carmen.

We share the schedules of L’Acuarium Playa del Carmen



Monday to sunday

10 AM to 10 PM

For more information visit:


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