Jim and Lori Lee experience

April 3, 2016 / 8 Comments


We joined the “family” in 2011 and have never looked back except thinking maybe we should have done this sooner.  Our membership in the Palladium Travel Club means that we can get away together and relax on a beach somewhere.  It means we have been to destinations we probably would not have ventured to prior to joining the “family.”  We have prioritized things in our life to include vacation to spend quality time away together.

It means we have shared the perks of the travel club with our friends and family.  In fact, we brought friends with us on one vacation and they loved it so much they joined also!  The things that come with the membership make us feel so special – and this is something we truly enjoy. We live in a climate that is very cold.   We decided to join the travel club with the intent of getting away together in the winter months for a weekor two. Since we joined in 2011, we have gone from one vacation a year to approximately 3. This is due to our membership in the Travel Club.

We truly have met so many travel club employees whom have been kind, warm, and helpful with any desired requests.  We enjoy meeting the many travel club members at the destinations as we travel.  We truly enjoy the travel club cocktail parties – an opportunity to visit with the staff and other members as well.

We feel pampered from the moment we exit the airport until we arrive back at the terminal.  We feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join a club such as this, and enrich our lives beyond measure.

We have attached a picture so you can see the happy faces!



                                                                                                      Jim and Lori Lee



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