Important message from Palladium Travel Club

August 17, 2018 / 0 Comments

Dear Member(s),
We hope you are well.
Due to recent notifications by some of you of having been contacted by companies known as West Asset Realty, Regal Marketing, Inc., and World Trade Events, Inc. offering you to enter into an agreement to rent or buy some of your membership weeks; by this means we inform you that Palladium Travel Club does not have any kind of relationship with these entities, neither do we support them in any way nor have we shared any member’s information, which is strictly confidential.
Therefore, Palladium Travel Club advices not to do any kind of arrangement with any of these companies. Furthermore, we kindly remind you that, in accordance with your membership agreement with Palladium Travel Club, members preferential rates are confidential and reservations must be exclusively made by membership holders, which would not allow anyone else having rented your weeks to request reservations. If you have been contacted by this broker or any other company offering you this type of service, we advise you to decline the proposal and notify Palladium Travel Club:
Warm regards
Palladium Travel Club

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