How to identify a fake PTC email

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How to identify fake PTC emails

Email is one of the most used tools today and that unfortunately can be used by cyber scammers, that’s why we share these important points with you so that you know how to identify the official emails sent by Palladium Travel Club.

To avoid being the victim of fraud, it is important that you learn to recognize a fake account before informing PTC staff about the contact of the company or person.


• Check the email domain

PTC emails always come from a sender with domain, so if it comes from anyone else, it’s fake. Palladium Travel Club does not use domains such as,,, or, among others.

To avoid confusion, we leave you the list of emails with which we refer to you for any information.


• Mail Signatures

Palladium Travel Club staff have a signature on the image, with the Palladium Travel Club logo, if the email you receive is signed by someone from Palladium Travel Club, but the image that appears in their signature is from Palladium Hotel Group, possibly It is a fake email and not from our staff. Our signatures are institutional or with current offers, which appear on the web, social media and Newsletters. The telephone number that appears in the signature must be the number of the hotel, from where the PTC staff is based.

• Check the files

PTC never provides software, audio or video files for download. It is very common for many security threats to arrive through a file by email, we ask that if you see a file for download, do not download it and verify its legitimacy, any document that has a Palladium Travel Club logo, with poor quality or poor sharpness, it is most likely false.


• Convey a false sense of urgency or require more Personal Information

It is possible that in the mail they ask you for your credit card details or specific information that therefore we have it in the system, we ask you not to provide it.

You would help us a lot by providing the name of the company or the person’s name and/ or the telephone number from which they called.


• Official Newsletters
All our official newsletters to members are sent under the name, Palladium Travel Club through the domain this is the only authorized official account from where you will receive our mass emails, sent through


Verification email accounts:

Riviera Maya


Punta Cana




Riviera Nayarit


Costa Mujeres


Official email accounts of Reservations:






Palladium Travel Club

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