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Live, experience and discover a unique culture. Fascinate yourself with the incredible panoramic views from a paradisiacal location surrounded by turquoise waters and green mountains. Disconnect from your duties in Jamaica and enjoy an extraordinary stay in our all-inclusive hotels.

The days stand still in Jamaica, the very distinctive reggae music plays all over the island and a lot of joy envelops the surroundings. Within the hotel there are plenty of activities to do, tastes to try and places to see, don’t worry we can help you plan your day in this special place.


A Carefree Dawn

The sun rises and our day begins with an endless breakfast, you can taste the Jamaican flavour without forgetting your favourite dishes at one of the buffets open just for you. For breakfast, freshly cooked eggs, hot cakes, cooked oatmeal, fruits, cereals and a variety of fresh juices; for lunch we recommend jerk chicken, rice and beans, hash brown potatoes and many more options offered by the Show Cooking. Endless combinations to make your first meal of the day just the beginning of this incredible journey.


The Infinity Pool

Jamaica’s largest infinity pool awaits you to cool off from the island’s delightfully humid climate. You can swim freely around the length and breadth of the pool while enjoying an exquisite drink prepared at The Blue Lagoon, the best thing about this bar is that you won’t need to get out of the water to quench your thirst.

A Coffee to Remember

From the moment you walk down the hallway of the Infinity Bar to Miss Lou Piano, the delicious smell of coffee will whet your appetite. With an incredible menu just for coffee lovers, alcoholic beverages are also available. Indulge your taste buds with a Jamaican coffee or a Palladium coffee and accompany it with a tasty chocolate, coconut or carrot dessert. Relax in one of the armchairs and enjoy the delicious Jamaican coffee beans.


A Jamaican Experience

Come to Sunset Cove Grill or Las Brisas Grill and enjoy grilled chicken or pork with jerk sauce, a spicy flavour due to its main ingredient: Scotch Bonnetun pepper. We recommend you to go to Sunset Cove, order your jerk chicken or jerk pork and accompany it with an ice cold red stripe, choose the best table with a direct ocean view and enjoy your exquisite dishes. You can’t leave the island without trying this incredible culinary experience.


Member’s Beach Bar

Our members-only area has a privileged space where you can watch the sunset while enjoying your favourite drink. Walk on the sand and soak up the crystal clear salt water of the sea. An experience like no other. Be sure to ask our star bartender, Hakoy, to prepare you a delicious chocolate martini, you won’t regret it!

Dinner Á la Carte

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover our à la carte restaurant proposals. What are you craving for dinner today? From Japanese to Mexican food, with a carefully selected menu to make your last meal of the day a memorable one.


The Night is Endless

If you are looking for a good atmosphere to dance, drink and have fun, the infinity bar is the place for you.

Your night will be filled with reggae, dancehall, electronic and pop music. After the first track, you won’t be able to stop moving to the unique rhythm of Jamaican music. Enjoy the panoramic view from the terrace and let the night vibe take you away.

Jamaica is a special place, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the colourful green of nature and the blue of the waves. You won’t find a paradise with the same essence. Let yourself be pampered with a holiday on this incredible island and experience the Jamaican spirit throughout your stay.

Are you up for it?


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