Chic Cabaret & Restaurant

October 5, 2023 / 0 Comments

We want you to continue living unique and unforgettable experiences as a member of Palladium Travel Club, therefore we inform you that the cost per person to attend the Chic Cabaret & Restaurant show, – gastro-show restaurant with 3h of show and more than 25 artists on stage will continue to have an entrance fee of $80 USD and $35 USD of booking fee per person.

  • Chic Cabaret & Restaurant continues to be an included experience for all our members with Ambassador membership (staying in Ambassador Suites) Presidential, Presidential Ambassador, Presidential Signature, Presidential Signature Residence so they are exempt from the booking fee, as well as the entrance fee.
  • Exit, Junior, Governor and Ambassador members (not staying in Ambassador Suites) who want to go to Chic Cabaret & Restaurant have a cost of $80 USD, which can be paid with their Palladium Money, the $35 USD reservation fee per person, can also be paid with Palladium Money, in any case the payment will be in cash or by credit card.
  • In the case that the charge is in cash it will be applied to the room at the time of booking at the restaurant, and will be paid at check-out before leaving the hotel, so it is not necessary to pay anything at the time of booking or dinner.

For those new members who have not yet seen the show, we can tell you that it is more than a cabaret, a restaurant or a club, Chic Cabaret & Restaurant offers an unparalleled entertainment experience. Prepare to be dazzled by breathtaking performances, enjoy gourmet delicacies and dance the night away in an electric atmosphere.


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