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What are the Free All-Inclusive Weeks?
These weeks consist of 7 nights, 8 days for 2 people in an all-inclusive plan. According to the type of membership you have, we will help you reserve the highest category available and thus make the most of this week. Please, keep in mind that the certificate shows a specific date in which it can be applied, as well as a certain number of payments that you must cover for them to be available and ready for use.


How do I get it?
When you decided to be part of the Palladium Travel Club family and a presentation was made with the different types of memberships that suited your travel style best, part of the packages or promotions presented were the free weeks; These individual certificates are specific to each membership based on the promotion that was in effect at the time of purchase.


Do all members have this Free All-inclusive Week?
The promotions offered to be part of the Palladium Travel Club family vary throughout the year, so some memberships may not have this benefit.


How can I redeem a week for use?
To be sure you can use this benefit week, please make sure that you fulfill the next requirements:

* Hold benefit week certificates “Benefit Week” “Free All-inclusive Week”
* Be up to date with the monthly payments of my membership
* Each Free Week certificate is linked to a monthly payment, make sure it is covered
* If you are missing some payments for your week to be released you can make the advance payment and thus take advantage of our promotion


Can these Free All-inclusive Week Certificates be used in any hotel and suite type?
You can use these free weeks certificates in the hotel or property according to the main accesses of your membership. So, it is important that you verify if you have access to Grand Palladium, TRS Hotels, and Family Selection.

Regarding the type of room, it is specified in your membership; our recommendation is that you rely on your contract to verify the dates, destinations, and type of room that you can reserve.

In case of doubts, our Reservations team can help you any time, so do not hesitate to write us at:


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