Dear members,

We’re one week away from the start of The Members Awards 2022 Place your bets! In the amazing location of Punta Cana!

For two weeks we will have amazing activities, main events, cocktails, food, music and, most importantly, unique moments with the whole PTC family. Start thinking about your moves because this year’s theme will be full of gambling, strategy and lots of fun.

Every major event has a dress code, here are some ideas to make your best move a spectacular outfit:

12 junio: Kings & Queens 

The first main event is the King & Queens Party!

It’s the perfect moment to greet all the PTC family, we know that many of you have made friends that become family in every Members Party, so this party will be the best moment to share again the company of others, take a couple of pictures, have a drink together but most of all have a good time and dance a lot.

It is very important for you to know that at the moment of your check-in our lovely staff will give you the official Place your Bets! t-shirt that you have to wear in this first party, they are very nice, aren’t they?

14 junio: Play your Cards Right 

Our second event is a cocktail party at the Members Garden Lounge. There will be live music, delicious cocktails and an amazing atmosphere. Everyone will want to dance a little bachata, salsa and merengue, and of course we will spoil them, so be sure to show off your best moves on the dance floor.

One of the loosest dress codes for the main events is cocktail casual. Choose your favorite dress, suit, pants or shirt and have fun with us.



17 junio: Party Like a Gastby 

And then we come to the main event, Party like a Gatsby. The most awaited event of the Members Awards, in this event we reward the loyalty of our members with prizes in different categories. To give you an idea of the categories we have had in the past, they range from: the most active in social networks to the member who has booked the most during the year.

And best of all, not only will you be the winner of a prize, but you will also be the winner of a Prize Week!

In this main event elegance will prevail going back to the 20’s, inspired by The Great Gatsby we should all wear our brightest suits in white, silver, gold or black.


16 junio: Oh My Gosh! 2.0 –  estilo griego

We know that at the last Members Party, Oh My Gosh! which was also held in Punta Cana, most of our members had to cancel their vacations due to the Coronavirus. While we were doing live broadcasts on our social networks many members told us that they already had their costume but for safety reasons they could not make it to the destination, they wished us the best and also that we had fun for them. That’s why in this party we wanted to make a special brunch dedicated to Oh My Gosh! 2.0 for them to wear their fabulous Greek costume.

Most of you already have your costume, but for those of you who can’t figure out what it looks like here are some ideas for you to dazzle when you arrive.

22 junio: Casino Royale – Everything or Nothing

 If you make it to this last main event, let us tell you that you’ve made some great moves!

But first of all, who hasn’t seen a James Bond movie, because Casino Royale will be the theme of our last party. Wearing red or black will be the entrance to this last main event.

At this party, it’s time to say, see you at the next Members Party to all the old and new friends you have made throughout your stay in Punta Cana or other destinations.

Here are some ideas for your wardrobe:


For activities we don’t stop, there are many ways to have fun every day! Zumba, arts and crafts, tennis tournament, rally and much more. Be sure to attend each activity because in some of them we will give exclusive prizes. Here is the complete program:

We hope you enjoy all the activities we have planned especially for our Palladium Travel Club family, we look forward to seeing you!

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