Amara and David, who have been Signature members of Palladium Travel Club since 2011, traveled to the Riviera Maya, in the month of love, to celebrate their wedding in one of their favorite places in the world, the Grand Palladium Resort.

The couple traveled with their family, sharing a few days in paradise in anticipation of celebrating their wedding day. They took advantage of their stay to share with us their experience as Travel Club Members.

Amara, her daughter Siena and David in the big day.

Amara, her daughter Siena and David in the big day.

“Four years ago we traveled to Palladium, and on that first visit, we listened to the presentation of the benefits of the Travel Club. We found it to be an extraordinary opportunity to become founding members of the Travel Club upon learning of the benefits. We found the price of membership to be reasonable so we joined as presidential members.”

In the interview we asked Amara and David what the Palladium Travel Club means to them, and they said, “The feeling of belonging to a family.” What makes them come back often and traveling with the membership is the extraordinary value, the services offered, the super friendly people who work there, and the exceptional quality of the food.

“We come here for the people,” Amara said with a smile. For David, Grand Palladium Riviera Maya is a little piece of paradise on earth, and he likes to return to visit the amazing people working at the hotel.

They love being members and they happily recommend the Palladium resorts and Travel Club to others. They take every opportunity to share and post pictures of their travels whenever they can on various social networks. Plus, they value the benefits of membership such as free airport transportation, free excursion tours, spa discounts, and the exclusive rooms.

Travel Club moments at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya

For David, the value is unmatched anywhere in the world. ” I completely enjoy that the Grand Palladium is an all inclusive resort. The food is spectacular, and the rooms are unbelievable. Being a Travel Club member is indeed an unbelievable value and the membership allows us to travel to the resort more often. We are looking forward to coming back again in September to enjoy the 5 year celebration of the Palladium Travel Club.”

It was these incredible experiences at the Grand Palladium that made it an easy choice for the couple to chose to spend one of the most important moments of their lives in the Riviera Maya.  “We wanted our wedding to have the same magical feelings we have experienced on our past trips to the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya.”


“We chose the Palladium for our wedding because of the many happy memories we have experienced here. Over the last four years, we have vacationed at the Palladium Resort in the Riviera Maya twelve times (eleven trips through the Travel Club), and this is the place we come to relax and enjoy ourselves. We have enjoyed traveling both as a family with our teenage daughter in the Ambassador Suites and as a couple in the Royal Suites.”

Needless to say, Amara and David have had many special memories at the Palladium Riviera Maya Resort. ” We are grateful to have discovered the Grand Palladium Resorts and be a part of the family as Travel Club members.”



Wedding Pictures: José Rova Photography.

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